The Firefarer

The Firefarer is now complete and on sale on Amazon:

The Firefarer cover

Three exiles, one destiny.

When Vito’s monastery is destroyed, he is thrust into the dangerous world of deceit and enchantment which lies beyond its walls. Moran, lost scion of a lost people, embarks on a quest from which she may never return. And Muna, descendant of warriors, will stop at nothing to protect her brother the Firefarer: hunted for his fabled powers of destruction.

Three strangers, one fate.

The Firefarer: the deadliest secrets lie in the heart.


Twisting the genre of epic fantasy, The Firefarer focuses on the interlocking stories of three main characters as they struggle to come to terms with their destinies. Vito, a young, naive monk, is driven from his monastery when it is destroyed by the Ahi. Moran, exiled from both her people and her lover embarks on a dangerous journey to discover The Firefarer. And finally Muna, a child of the Ahi, who will do anything to protect her brother Hori.

The Firefarer is available on Amazon UK:

and on

A sample of the story is also available on Wattpad:



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