Interview with Desiree Stinson – author of Talon


Desiree Stinson @RainAaren is the author of Talon, a beautiful new work of lesbian fantasy fiction on Wattpad. Desiree agreed to an interview and offered some very frank and very inspiring answers to my questions. She is also a fantastic artist and you can find examples of her work on DeviantArt at

What inspired you to write Talon?

Uncertainty and curiosity, frankly. Becoming an adult is no easy ride. I’m hoping I find some guidance in Diana. I also knew I wanted to write something in the fantasy world I’ve created, and usually I take Rain’s point of view, but I already know her story. I wanted to discover Diana’s.

To what extent is your writing influenced by your own experience?

Usually I don’t base the plots of my stories on my experiences, rather on my curiosity. I have such a thirst for adventure and right now in my life I don’t get much – at all. I write to give myself experiences, how about that?

Do you have any favourite works of lesbian or LGBT literature?

Well of course, Kate there’s Hal! I loved it. Another one was Tipping the Velvet by Sarah Waters, which I found myself reading addictively. Right now I’m reading an old one called The Well of Loneliness by Radclyffe Hall, and just finished Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit which was a bit too religious for me.  Most of the lesbian fiction I read is unpublished works online, like on Wattpad, however. Seriously not enough published books have lesbian fantasy or science fiction protagonists. I need more, therefore I breed more.

What is the best writing advice that you have ever received?

I haven’t been able to get much actually. There is no one in my life who could act as a mentor for writing. I’ll show my stories to friends and family and get, “It’s so good I love it!! (:” which is nice and all but provides no learning. So I have to be my own teacher. But what I hear a lot is, “Don’t think about it too much, just write.”

Do you find it easy to make time for writing and do you have some kind of writing routine?

Between my busy family life, school, responsibilities and women, no. Sometimes I go into lapses where I’ll hardly write for months and then return to it after. Luckily those painful college essays have had the benefit of getting me back in touch with my words. I find I write best between 1 and 10 am. Which is also when I’m usually asleep. Sometimes I have to choose between one and the other. I don’t really like routine but I like to listen to music while I do it.

Is there anything of yourself in the characters of Rain and Diana?

This is a big one. I’m going to start with Rain, since up until recently she had the biggest effect on me. Rain started as a self-insert character (sigh I know). I came up with her when I was 15, and my best friend and I became obsessed with the Bioware game Dragon Age 2. We invented our self-inserts to act as the leading protagonists in the 200 page fan fiction that followed. I still have it. When I read it, I’m conflicted between feeling warm and proud of it, as silly as it was, and cringing. Anyway, once we moved away from that I kept Rain and my friend kept her character Lunalyn and we constructed our own world for them to play in. We talked about it day and night, developing characters and the story and setting. Hence Estare and the world in which Talon takes place was born. Now during this time in my life I was battling with my sexuality. I had a serious boyfriend, which made it worse. I knew I desired women but I didn’t have the courage to act on it, felt guilty for it even. And then I started having dreams in which a girl with fiery red hair would visit me. She always kissed me before she left, and never spoke. I named her Diana. And so I began to write about the fervent love affair between Rain and Diana. I can’t tell you how many pages it went on. When I was in class at school it was all I’d do, just pull out that binder and a pencil and continue where I left off. I loved writing about them, and thinking about them, and considering the potential of me being like them. Like Rain, who is always courageous and sure of herself. I desired to be like her. Through Rain I discovered myself as a lesbian. I wrote about her until she realized, and I realized. The fight that spawned the break up with my boyfriend was a girl, one I’d met and been instantly infatuated with. But I never got to pursue that girl I met in the hall with the green eyes. I was pregnant. I told my mother, and once sophomore year was over (within the next two weeks) I was not to return to high school. After a whole mess of pregnancy, struggling with depression and desire of girls I could never have, I am here. With my high school equivalency,  beautiful daughter and going to college at 17. Now I’ve had the chance to pursue women and love, and I am secure in being a lesbian. But in three weeks about I’ll be turning 18, crossing that divide of adulthood and I realized – Holy shit, I am terrified. I knew I needed a different kind of courage than Rain’s, hers is so rash and unthinking. I needed courage that was slow and steady, that could also be there to nurture my daughter. So I thought of Diana again. Entering into a strange world, with only a vague idea of what she’s doing, but doing all she can for the best. Didn’t mean to give you my whole life story there but there it is. There is definitely parts of me in Rain and Diana.

What kind of writers do you read for pleasure?

Usually I read the stories people post on Wattpad for light reading. Generally something simple so I can follow along easily. Anything I find intriguing really.

How does the process of creating art differ from the process of creating stories?

Art is more immediate. You can see the figure take shape, the vibrance of the colors or the stark black and white, the  development. It doesn’t need much forethought besides a general idea. Writing requires more of a solid layout and a clear plan of action for me. Ironically I’m not good at all with following the rules or commitment so this “blueprint” I always have to construct hardly ever actually comes into being. A lot of times my plot veers off into the opposite direction and doesn’t get finished. This can actually apply to a lot in my life so long story short, I squander too much time on forethought rather than execution. So, if I’m feeling creative, usually I’ll just draw. It is simply less to think about.

Just like to say a huge thanks once again to Desiree for being so frank and open about her life and the inspirations behind her writing. Talon is a great book so I urge you to go and read it 🙂

Interview with Matthew Olney

Matthew Olney writes in a range of genres including fantasy, sci-fi and historical fiction. His fantasy novel, Heir to the Sundered Crown is available on Amazon while the sci-fi series Terran Defenders is currently showcasing on Wattpad. Matthew very kindly agreed to an interview.

How old were you when you started writing and what’s the earliest thing you can remember writing?

I guess I would say that I first got into writing at a very young age. I’ve always enjoyed reading and I used to create comic books that I would sell to my friends at school and I guess as I got older, writing books was the next natural step.

To what extent do you think the experience of writing on Wattpad has influenced the way write?

Writing on Wattpad has not changed the way I write too much but it has taught me what is important to readers. A prime example is when I recently killed off a character and the reaction from my followers on Wattpad made me realise just how passionate and attached readers can become to characters. Wattpad has been invaluable in meeting other writers too; the amount of talent out there is incredible.

To what extent is your writing influenced by your own experience?

A lot of my writing is influenced by things I have seen on the big screen, books and video games. Those mediums have taught me a lot about the pacing of a story, and what to avoid doing.

Who are your favourite fantasy writers and do you think they have influenced you in any way?

The obvious one that comes to mind is Tolkien; he is the granddaddy of modern fantasy after all. Other modern writers that have influenced me are George RR Martin (Heir to the Sundered Crown has been described as a cross between Harry Potter and Game of Thrones) and Patrick Rothuss. I have also been influenced by the ancient writers too such as Homer.

What is the best piece of writing advice that you have ever received, and what advice would you offer other writers?

It is not so much writing advice but more like advice in general. My dad always says to me ‘never let the b*stards grind you down’ and truer words have never been spoken. Whenever you get a knockback in life or a bad review, just dust yourself off and keep going. I live by that mantra.

Do you find it easy to make time for writing and do you have some kind of writing routine?

Well, I write every day as part of my job as a copywriter for a forex company so finding the time to do my own work is limited to the evenings and weekends. I tend to write when I feel inspired and at times, I can go days and weeks without touching my stories.

Do you have a personal favourite moment from any of your stories?

I think my favourite moment is near to the end of Heir to the Sundered Crown when the main character Luxon arrives at a battlefield on the back of an enormous silver dragon. When writing I see it all happening like a movie in my mind’s eye and to me that scene was epic. Other favourites are the battle of Stamford Bridge, which is in Unconquered: Blood of Kings. It was such a pivotal moment for the main character and the plot in general.

You write works of science-fiction, fantasy and historical fiction. Which of these genres do you enjoy working in most as a writer? 

I love them all! Fantasy and sci-fi offer me a freedom that other genres do not allow. Basically, I let my imagination go wild. Historical fiction is a different beast entirely however as you have to link your characters into events that really happened. I love that challenge. I also love the research needed to write historical fiction (helps that I am a history nerd).

Do you have any plans for future projects? 

I will be releasing the first novel in my science fiction series Terran Defenders at the end of May and I am working hard on the sequel to Heir to the Sundered Crown, which I hope to get ready for release later in the year. Beyond that, I have the final part of the Sundered Crown Saga to write and hope to finally start writing book two of the Unconquered series. You can buy my books on Amazon!