Firebound Books

Hal and Hannac are both published by Firebound Books. Firebound publishes cutting edge science fiction and fantasy.

Check out other works published by Firebound writers:

Kal Moonheart Series

Rob May’s Kal Moonheart series is an epic fantasy told in a thrilling modern style.  Kal travels from the tallest mountains to the deepest seas, and from the darkest dungeons to the highest halls of power. Along the way, she gets caught up in world-changing events, and is pitted against both monstrous beasts and monstrous villains

Dragon KillerKalina Moonheart – adventurer, gambler and thief – makes a good living working for her patron, the wealthy senator Benedict Godsword. But a mysterious threat to Ben’s fortune puts Kal on a collision course with terrors she thought she had left buried in her past.

Teaming up with a young guard captain, Rafe Firehand, she travels to a dragon-haunted island to hunt down a murderous beast. Once there, Kal soon discovers there are worse things in the world than dragons, and when an unexpected sequence of events leaves her in an impossible situation, she must summon every ounce of skill, cunning and strength in order to survive.

Roll the BonesAn immortal killer stalks the streets of Amaranthium, leaving a trail of mutilated corpses in its wake. A week before the summer elections, Kal Moonheart is called before a clandestine gathering of the city’s elite, and charged with ending the murders before a terrible secret can come to light – one that threatens to shake the Republic by its very foundations. As Kal hunts the killer, her courage, loyalties and heart are put to the test, and she must decide if she can trust even her closest friends.

SirensbaneOn a freezing winter night, Kal Moonheart is dragged from her bed by a friend in need. Renowned pirate and smuggler Lula Pearl has been struck with a fearsome curse, and Kal must join her and set sail on their most dangerous voyage ever. On the other side of the world, the Auspice Islands have been overrun by a horde of zombies, led by a man whose terrifying schemes threaten all life both under and above the waves – the almighty sorcerer known as Corus Sirensbane.

The Sundered Crown Saga

M.S. Olney’s epic series begins with Heir to the Sundered Crown, the winner of Wattpad’s Write Awards 2014.

Heir to the Sundered CrownThe Kingdom of Delfinnia is in chaos. After assassins kill the king and his family, greedy self-serving men battle one another for the crown. Unknown to them is that one heir yet lives, a baby boy now hidden and protected.

In the mage city of Caldaria is a boy named Luxon, a young mage who will discover his past and his powers. For he will one day become known as the wizard who would break the world, the man who would embrace death and live, and the hero who would give a realm its greatest king.

Sent on a quest to find the one responsible for the king’s assassination, Luxon teams up with Ferran of the Blackmoor, the legendary Nightblade and hunter of fell beasts, Sophia Cunning, the land’s greatest witch hunter, and Kaiden, a noble knight sworn to defend the world from darkness.

Together, they find the answers they seek, but the truth is far worse than anyone could possibly imagine.

Heir to the Sundered Crown is a fantasy tale that will ignite the imagination and set the stage for an epic battle between the light and the darkness.

The Eastern Kingdom Chronicles

T.J. Garrett’s epic series of fantasy adventures begins with The Call of the Crown, the first book of The Dragon Oracles trilogy. Available soon!

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