Interview with WyldPatienz

So I was really pleased when WyldPatienz agreed to this interview. Wyld is one of my favourite writers on Wattpad. Her story The TwiceBorn is a triumph of LGBT fantasy fiction, following the fraught relationship between Alora, feared by humans as the very embodiment of evil and Islinn, a woman battling with her own demons as a former slave. It’s a truly beautiful book and I can’t recommend it enough.



  • How old were you when you started writing and what’s the earliest thing you can remember writing?    
    • I think I was around eleven or twelve and I started writing horse stories. I was horse crazy and have read every book Walter Farley ever wrote about The Black Stallion,lol.
  • To what extent is your writing influenced by your own experience?  
    • My overall genre choice of fantasy is based around my laziness when it comes to research. But every character, regardless of genre, has a bit of a writer’s personality in their construction. All my characters reflect some asset or trait that I have, pretty much.
  • Do you have any favourite works of lesbian or LGBT literature? 
    • One of my very favourite books is Lisa Alther’s Other Women. Kinflicks,Original Sins,Five Minutes in Heaven…all of them are excellent reads. She’s been on the LGBT literary scene for a long time and not many people have heard of her, unfortunately. She is a truly amazing writer.
  • What is the best writing advice that you have ever received? 
    • Don’t be afraid to write. It sounds extremely simple but once you wade through everyone’s dos and don’ts and everyone’s “rules” for “good writing” it can be rather daunting to put a word on a page. Just…write. Worry about the other crap later, lol. But get your story out.
  • Do you find it easy to make time for writing and do you have some kind of writing routine? 
    • No, it’s not easy; I’m a horrible writer who has rituals they have to go through first, don’t ask me why, lol. House has to be fairly clean, dog has to be tired out, I have to have absorbed at least two cups of coffee…and the list goes on.
  • Do you have a personal favourite moment from The TwiceBorn? 
    • I think when Alora and Abigor watch the meteorites at the Sabbat together and the conversation referring to still moments. How we all have regrets and wish for just one more chance to maybe get it right.
  • Is there anything of yourself in the characters of Alora and Islinn? 
    • Oh,tons. My ill-fated luck with horses, my inability to communicate with some people, my horrible sarcasm. In fact,I really don’t think many of my good traits are on display here,lol.
  • What kind of writers do you read for pleasure? 
    • I’m a huge fan of Stephen King, other than that true crime. Right now though, I’m reading Cheryl Strayed’s “Wild” and it’s beautifully written and is rapidly becoming a favourite of mine.
  • Has publishing your work online influenced the way you write? 
    • I feel I need to streamline a bit more. Internet publishing seems to favour a quicker, more straightforward form of writing and I struggle with that quite a bit.
  • Do you have any plans for a new writing project after The TwiceBorn?
  • My god…I’m wondering if I’ll ever finish The Twiceborn at this point,lol. Another writing project? Oh,I don’t know, I just don’t know…lol