The Books

Kate Cudahy is a writer of fantasy fiction which features magic, mayhem and strong lesbian lead characters.

The Duellist Trilogy

The Duellist Trilogy follows the lives and loves of three women who risk their lives for freedom. A disinherited young aristocrat, Hal Thæc forsakes her place at court to earn her living as a duellist. All of that changes when Hal falls in love with Meracad Léac, the freedom-craving daughter of a rich merchant. Meracad’s father will stop at nothing to ensure his own wealth and position, and plans to marry Meracad to Bruno Nérac, a powerful northern lord. Hal’s world is about to be thrown into chaos when she sets out to save the woman she loves.

The descendant of ancient emperors, Leda Nérac has finally come into her birthright: the wealthy northern city of Dal Reniac. Yet power brings new responsibilities and dangers. After the Emperor dies, his nephew Castor claims the imperial throne, instigating a reign of terror. Will Leda survive the bitter conflict which ensues?


The Artist Enchanters Series: The Firefarer

Three exiles, one destiny.
When Vito’s monastery is destroyed, he is thrust into the dangerous world of deceit and enchantment which lies beyond its walls.
Moran, lost scion of a lost people, embarks on a quest from which she may never return.
And Muna, descendant of warriors, will stop at nothing to protect her brother the Firefarer: hunted for his fabled powers of destruction.
Three strangers, one fate.
The Firefarer: the deadliest secrets lie in the heart.